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Mail War Started By &

If you want a reply do Not mail from etc
Google is a predatory fined monopolist that tries to to force mail to its user addresses to use SPF & DKIM to increase Google profit, extorting the time of non Google adminstrators, (incuding unpaid @Berklix) forcing sender domains to install junk SPF & DKIM to avoid Google blocking mail. .

Google periodicaly relents & passes some mail for a while by their unknown criteria, before blocking yet again mail from domains they don't control & haven't coerced yet, Google is a serial abuser, don't trust them with your mail.
Dump @Gmail.Com & ! - Mail from one of many better free providers.

Other Contact Modes

  Business Enquiries / Geschäftliche Anfragen

  • If you don't hear from me quickly, Please also Phone.
  • Your enquiry or my reply got lost or discarded unseen, Sorry!
  • I always quickly send an acknowledgement to new business enquiries, (even if initially only brief).
  • Why mail gets lost:
    • I have silent spam discard filters, occasionally a valid enquiry can get caught.
    • Your mail provider also likely has spam filters that can occasionaly swallow replies.
    • Some mail servers unwittingly import bad RBL / DNSBL IP black lists from irresponsible providers such as
        Sorbs who have for 5 years falsely & libelously listed a Berklix server as a spammer.

Deutsch / German:

Für geschäftliches Anfragen rufen Sie mich bitte kurz an, damit Ihre Email oder meine Antwort, nicht moeglicherweise von meinen oder Ihre Spam-Filtern ungelesen geloescht wird.

ENGLISH + Deutsch/German + Francais/French

No French - Pas De Francais - Sauf ...
Unless you state you want to purchase computer consultancy. /
Ausser sie erklaren mir, sie wollen meinem Consultancy kaufen. /
Sauf si - Voudriez vous acheter mes conseil en informatique ?
Me, my Company my Associates

I am NOT a free help desk !

Your Mail List Subscriptions

Do Your Own Subscriptions Yourself By Free Mail Robot

My Standard Replies & FAQs

Avoid Being Automatically Deleted As Spam:

I have aggressive Anti Spam automatic silent discard in action, (as I get well over 1000 spams daily) , My computers automatically & silently delete what looks like spam, Sight Unseen, No warning sent back to (apparent) senders.

To Not Be Deleted Unseen:

  Do not mail me from Roundcube Webmail, an error prone MUA

My mail filter silent discards some & maybe later all emmisions from Roundcube Webmail. (A friend using it emitted too many errors for years, wouldn't learn, or analyse, or report back to get it fixed, I gave up repeatedly analysing failure & reporting back to that user.
Many other mail clients are available.
See Also: www . berklix . org / bg / org / #roundcube

Ensure Your mail provider does accept spam reports to abuse@YourDomain

Any Domain that gets abused for spam & blocks their abuse@ address gets blocked

Mail Me in plain text ASCII Format,
Not In HTML (Web Page) Format, Not in base64 text, Not with Subject in UTF-8 : They are all Spammer's Formats

  • MIME enclosures containing HTML format are loved by Spammers & used by Internet incompetents, (& some people who should know better ! ).
  • Configure your mailer to send plain text Ascii, or get another mailer program ! - Or be dumped with spammers & incompetents.
  • Avoid breaking words or phrases with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language ( Web Format) comments - No one except spammers do it.
  • Avoid spammer Formats, Font types, Sizes, Character sets & Colours.
  • Avoid Quoting Numeric Domains, Mangled Domain Names, Fake Domain Names

Do Not Send Quoted Printable Or Rich Text etc

No junk formats just_ plain text (Ascii/Ansi).

Do Not Send Microsoft Proprietary Formats eg .Doc.

Microsoft's proprietary formats (eg Word/Doc & Excel etc) are Deleted Sight Unseen automatically, with no warning to sender. It's invariably worthless spam &/or to & from technical incompetents who aren't paying to waste my time, ( My computers do Not run Microsoft, they can display some MS excremental formats, but there's no benefit. Mail in a publicly defined standard formats, or do Not mail me. Best Send plain text Ascii .

Do Not Send Zips If you have Unix.

It marks you as a Microsoft user &/or probable spammer trying to avoid a spam filter - & Failing! (Unix people use eg gzip & bzip2 )

Do Not Send "Click This For Your Mail" Or Electric Postcards etc

I never click web linked mail rubbish.

Do Not Send from Greetings Cards Web Sites

Do Not Send from Non RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol) resolving hosts

Do Not Send From Spammer Domains (inc. some Bad Providers eg various . (Also note lazy providers such as Yahoo may be blocked later ).

Domain include those of some major providers that are lax & tolerate spammers. Do Not Send from them, routing through them, & mentioning them in mail content.

The Berklix servers & my personal filter silently discard mail with spammer domains. ( If you want to ask me to remove a Domain, mail from a different address, or phone .

You may not be a spammer, but others on your Domain may have been, unfortunately, people masquerading (though I mostly detect that).

Many Internet Access Providers (IAPs) do not terminate customers who excrete spam. If you use a cheap IAP, they may be cutting staff costs, by ignoring spam complaints. Such infested IAPs get blocked by recipient servers.

Don't be suckered. Don't just look for "Mega Cheap !" "Mega fast !" ", "Loads of free web !" Some IAPs get blocked because they don't give a damn, & happily host spammers too. Choose: Do you want your mailing-from Domain to be known & sometimes blocked as a spammer ?


Many Road Runner * Domains are blocked by my servers, as is or was (when blocked) a regular known hoster of spammers. They sourced from 10% toward (but somewhat less than) 20% of all spams my domains received, till I blocked many sub domains. I've often been within an ace of blocking all are a large USA ISP, infested with spammers, shielded by many innocent clueless normal non spammer co-user customers. They doubtless shelter behind the stinking USA `right to spam' law. are effectively by their inaction, commercial accomplices in spamming the world. Illegal in many parts of the world. Getting the USA a bad name. Sad as many Americans are innocent & equally hate spammers. earned this explicit mention, when they consumed yet more of my time, unpaid, & unwilling: Beyond spewing spam from their customers, they forwarded a masqueraded spam not really from me, but purporting to be, to an innocent postmaster who forwarded it to me. (Possibly a sign of the leopard changing it's spots ?) are or were a world class spam polluters' commercial accomplice, (as well as `normal USA ISP)' encouraged by the USA government under their stupid annoying right to spam law.

Any Domain that bounces a spam report sent to postmaster@ gets listed as a spam domain. Check if your postmaster@ address works OK ! It's required to by RFCs which are Internet Law.

Any domain that bounces a complaint sent to postmaster@ gets forwarded to hostmaster@ Check if your hostmaster@ address works OK ! It's required to by RFCs which are Internet Law. If a domain blocks that too, I use eg whois & ask the domain registrar to Suspend or Cancel The domain put them out of business.

If the registrar fails to respond, one can go to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) & get the registrar put out of business too.

Do similar yourself, after first checking you are clean. Put spammers & their suppliers & commercial crime accomplices out of business !

Whatever your personal views as sender of legitimate mail: Some recipients servers will automatically discard or bounce all mail from domains where spammers are tolerated, regardless that the irresponsible USA ISP's own government legally allows.

Do Not Send Direct From Dynamic Dial Up Blocks

Dial up addresses & domains are particularly uncontrolled, & where spammers mainly operate from. You think I won't be blocking your provider's domain ? You may well be wrong, I may well be !
  • I even block my own IAP's dynamically allocated dial up IP numeric range. The biggest IAP company in the country, & I block it !
  • So why wouldn't I be blocking your dynamic IPs too ?
  • I block companies you might think should be OK. EG broadcast 10% of all Spam I receive. They web advertise as Time Warner who used to broadcast Bugs Bunny, but now Excrement. AOL pursues spammers, so why do not respond ? seems to be the Italian national phone company, pushing Alice ( "Si informa la gentile clientela che dal 1° ottobre 2006 Nuova S.r.l. è confluita per incorporazione in Telecom Italia S.p.A.") But I finally after months blocked them too (as both & ) as they block abuse@ on those domains. Any domain that gets abused for spam & blocks their abuse@ address gets blocked.

Use A Proxy (Smart Host) Relay At Your ISP's Fixed IP Machines.

Ensure your IAP uses a different set of domain names, & IP numeric block addresses for dynamic dial up customers, & their own more trusted proxy servers. Only then can rest of world perhaps relax & unblock your IAP's proxy, while leaving your dynamic IPs blocked.

Best Avoid American Spelling & Phrases

  • I get hundreds of spams daily, almost all from (or aimed at) Americans, & very few from the rest of the world. The USA Congress expressly permitted Spam (Bill S.1618 Title III passed by the 105th Congress); (USA changed since, but USA started by harbouring international spammers). Britain used to be in the EU & the EU & Britain adopted (& retain) anti spam laws long before the USA.
  • This American deliberate pollution & abuse of the world encouraged contempt for the USA Government
  • Though Americans are the world's major spammers. some Americans (Not supported by American government) are also leaders in fighting Spam, see list below.
  • USA spammers flood the world, but they use many non English, uniquely American phrases & spellings, handy to trigger spam auto-deletion.
  • A filter that segregates subscribed list mail, & discards all remaining mail with American spelling, loses little real mail to me, & deletes much Spam.
  • Some innocent mail may occasionally get deleted, but Americans always had the option of voting for better USA congress & senate members to fix their polluting USA law, unlike us non Americans who just suffered without recourse from the flood of excremental spam. Eventually the USA did stop some spammers.

Avoid Spammer Phrases, Fonts, Formats, Encodings

  • Spammer Spellings, Phrases, & Words (mostly American).

Viruses & Spam

"Why Do You Scare People Off Mailing You ?"

Asked so often, it became a FAQ;
"I want LESS mail ! " smiley face icon It's time consuming to organise many events for berklix for decades. I don't have time for mail chat that arises from organising events & running mail lists. I'm not an unpaid travel courier or club help point etc.

Time is money ! I am a computer freelancer, when at computer I should be working, or doing technical things (inc. running berklix servers to support berklix mail lists Chat to me at events I organise.
Many of the berklix mail lists have organisers mail lists you can discuss with, mail them. Join those organisers & occasionaly organise an event.
I get masses more mail than most people, not just business & personal mail, but multiple clubs & event organising, many tech lists + follow up, multiple server status logs, mail list owner admin., postmaster@ & webmaster@ & spam at numerous domains I run. It is all automatically filtered (here's just the top first 1/20 th of filter rule sets): Procmail

Some Mail Welcome

Some Mail Not Wanted

  • No Unsolicited Social Chat deriving from my mail list announcements.
    I would much prefer you come to the beer garden, walk, bike or ski trip etc I announced. Chat at the event, better than more typing & eye balling screens. Of course a brief mail saying "Add me to head count reservation for that event" is always welcome.
  • No Unsolicited Social Chat deriving from web pages please.
    (Better chat in beergardens etc; No desire to stay cross eyed in front of a screen! I don't do IRCs/ chat rooms, blog reading etc either.
  • No Mail List Subscription Requests (They frequently used to consume additional time, extending on to to sundry club oriented enquiries).
  • No Ski Trip Bookings (Use the form!) (*)
  • No Free help requests from Microsoft users
    • I do Not use Microsoft, I consider Microsoft worse than worthless. I will Not help with it.
      Use Free Software , that I might help with.
      I also sell Unix consultancy.
    • Too many clueless people use computers, who never bother to learn, go to night classes, or pay someone to teach you or to solve your problem.
    • People pay car driving instructors/schools, but fail to allocate money & time to learn to drive their computer: they fail to take Internet courses & or (read books & "How To" web pages etc, insecure Microsoft PCs owned by clueless users get virused & become slave bots & swamp the Net with spam, so realise you & others similar already are a burden to the Internet, so go learn !
      Free non Microsoft Software here
    • I don't have time to provide free help to hundreds of club list members.
    • To ask about your computer problems, do Not mail me, instead buy a beer & come to beer garden events , while we de-focus, not cross eyed at a screen.

Consider Phoning Me Instead. It May Be More Efficient

  • Phone is more efficient than mail for 1 to 1 communication,
  • Phone is now cheap, free even for many with flat rate inc me. even some long distance international can be cheap.
  • Phone calls can releases tired eyes from screen, ... If I'm awake when you are ? ... I'm in Europe, & start late & finish late, where in the world are you ? Think before you phone !

  •   earth orthographic

After clicking to mail me, Before sending,
Remove the "._ERASE" bit in my address.

Before mailing me, (or anyone else) from Berklix web pages, Remove the ._ERASE part, (which is there to disrupt web crawler robots that harvest addresses for spammers). Example: you need to change my address
From:  j h s _ERASE_ @@ b e r k l i x . c o m
To:  j h s @ b e r k l i x . c o m
(with one "." in middle, not 2, & no "_" & no spaces ).

Non Business Enquiries

If this is not a business enquiry,Hopefully you will find your answer here: I f you believe I will want to receive your mail as much as you want to send it, go ahead & mail me smiley face icon

Do Not initially or routinely mail me with "Acknowledge/ Click Receipt"

I usually ignore Sender Requests You Click To Acknowledge Receipt" (except for already known people & businesses). They can be spammer subterfuges I don't waste time examining URLs. If you want me urgently, Phone me !.

  PGP & GPG Public Keys for Encryption

Policy regarding encryption packages with closed source:
No source = Don't Use!. Companies have their own commercial interests, can die & be bought, can be leaned on by their home nation state, plus states can spy, emit trojans, & want to weaken cryptography/ security.

Phone & Fax & SMS numbers etc.

Old Mail Addresses

Some people may occasionally have old code or text from me, with an old mail address, & be searching for a more modern address. To help them & / or search engines, below is an incomplete table of some old mail addresses, mostly dead, that I used to use.

(Yes I have Lots of other current addresses, which I do Not list, as general public don't don't understand why. Internet professionals who are multiple domain administrators will understand implicitly & can predict them, pointless to list them. only would benefit spam harvesters).

MAIL DATE Earliest Or Only DATE Latest ~ Tue May 25 07:05:18 1993 UTC    
Dates are merely when I happen to notice something on an archive web site, I didn't bother keeping notes of start & end dates for usage of addresses.

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