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SORBS - A bad RBL Black List provider

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Sorbs.Net has for 5 years falsely & libellously listed a Berklix server as a spammer.

Sorbs extorts money for `corrections' to their fraudulent listing that Berklix will never pay.
If your ISP (=mail provider) uses lists from Sorbs, ask them to dump Sorbs, & get a better competent professional black list provider, if you ISP refuses, best dump them. Berklix is by far not the only innocent victim of predator Sorbs


  • Some email servers import RBL / DNSBL IP black lists of spammer domains, that list spammer IP numbers to discard mail from.
  • Some Domain Name System-based blackhole lists have suppliers that are "questionable or reckless" etc
  • That their lists may be received by many non paying `customer' recipients, is not necessarily an index that they are Good. Best also investigate eg:
    • Do they ever notify listed domains theyve been added, or periodically remind they're still on, to give the innocent a chance to investigate, refute mistakes, or deal with odd rogue users etc ?
    • Do they ever timeout or revalidate IPs ?
    • How good are they at detected malicious false reports & masquerades ?
    • How good will they be when it comes to be your turn or your mailing associates, to be falsely listed of spamming by some mistake of the black list provider, or by malicious false accusation from someone who bears you or your domain a grudge who files false libel with a gullible reckless black list provider ? How quick is it to navigate their web to get a free correction of their false data if your domain is innocent ?

Sorbs - a bad BL

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