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Berklix - Free Mail Lists

This Is &

Mail Lists Are served by Mailman


Mail List Functionality

For Organisations
Server Facilities Berklix.Net
List Software (New) Mailman
Mail Filters All lists are only accessible to members,
Some lists are announcements only,
Some have *-chat open discussion lists
Some have *-org@ organisers lists
Tech lists are open writable to all,
No lists censored = moderated. (If post fails, you posted from a non subscribed address, discarded unseen even by list owner.)
Do Not Mail Human List Owners! - Especially Not Subscription Change Requests (automatically silently discarded) !
Operating System FreeBSD
Servers Berklix
Configuration Consultancy Berklix.Com
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Up to at least 8th July 2016:
Partial Mail Lists Disruption By Some Subscribers'
Bad Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Between 16 Jun 2016 & Fri, 1 Jul 2016, Bad Mail Providers rejected list mail from servers including berklix

Bad Mail Providers
Added 2023-05-11:,
  • Some other domains might also be served by these bad providers.
  • Bad Providers adopt stupidly simple spam detector rules, such as "Individual mail we'll pass, but list mail to more than eg 6 recipients may be spam so we block unless we can force list operators (like Berklix) to accept our half baked SPF & similar non standard rules."
  • 2023-05-11: Added, :
    Periodicaly they demand mail to them must only be sent from servers that have installed SPF or DKIM records ( supposed anti spam measures to help greedy receiving providers increase their profit at the expense of admin time of sending providers, some of which sender domains are run by unpaid volunteers thus commercial companies extort profit from unpaid labour).
    SPF was promoted by Microsoft I recall (so SPF may be regarded askance in the free software world as it was clueless Microsoft users who caused the global spam problem from their virused & correspondent address harvested MS-PCs).
    SPF & DKIM are contentious, considered by some as cludgey partial inadequate solutions.
    Wikipedia on DKIM & Wikipedia on SPF
  • Test list mail from Berklix to your address
    • Don't send test mails as broadcast to main lists, that annoys many other subscribers!
    • Subscribe to list test.
      Unfortunately, as there's usually very few addresses subscribed at any one time to test (only people currently testing), you may not trigger & detect your bad provider's daft bulk spam detect rules by mailing to test. Maybe later Berklix will permanently subscribe a number of null addresses to test@ to get round that idiot detector rule of Bad Providers.
Some Good Mail Provider:,
Of course, there is a world of other good domains also not listed smiley face icon

Subscribers Of Berklix Lists, Your Help Requested

Please phone or mail forward this to your Berklix friends on Bad Mail Providers, & tell them if they haven't received Berklix list mail with event announcement(s) etc recently, they're still welcome to join us. They were not removed from Berklix lists. It's that their Bad Mail Provider has been deliberately rejecting list mail, including from Berklix, flooding Berklix with Reject messages, which may then trigger Mailman to un-subscribe.

Subscribers With Bad Mail Providers

  • Do not trust your mail provider, it deliberately blocked mail, may still be doing so, or may resume later.
  • Complain to your mail provider.
  • Plan to Dump your mail provider.
  • Ask friends which mail provider they use & why, there's lots of Good Mail Providers, many free, & also some paid with phone line etc.) any not listed above as Bad Mail Providers should be OK.
  • Get a 2nd mail provider.
    • Notice the Bad Mail Providers seem to be Microsoft owned, &/or USA based ?
    • Some Bad Mail Providers have been trouble before, trying to cut staff by forcing their mail admin work (especially for such as list mail) back on senders & attempting to coerce the Internet to half baked non standards.
    • Better subscribe via a Good Mail Provider, perhaps owned, managed, run & regulated in Europe, though most non MS owned, non USA major providers, anywhere else in the world are probably also OK.
  • Subscribe your Good Mail Provider address.
  • Un-subscribe your Bad Mail Provider address.
  • Use (New) Mailman
  • If You Remain Subscribed Via Your Bad Mail Provider, Berklix May Forcibly Un-subscribe You Without Notice, to protect list owners from reject noise from Bad Mail Providers.
  • If your provider is not listed above, your provider is Good Mail Provider, Berklix has seen no error report, no need to ask Berklix if you are OK.

  Berklix Warned About Bad Mail Providers In 2010:
Berklix Will Dump All Yahoo & Hotmail Mail Addresses.

TECHNICAL (non technical people should skip this):

The Bad Mail Providers were trying to force List Servers to change header From: & Sender: fields etc (& some wanted DMARC & / or other things
  • aol DMARC Apr 22nd 2014 - DMARC policy to 'reject'
  • Marked with S tags as it complains: Access denied by robots.txt
  • yahoo=21
  • yahoo SLN7253 DKIM (Domain-Keys Identified Mail); SPF (Sender Policy Framework); DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance);

Early July, it seems some Bad Mail Providers may be backing off again, bounce errors are reducing; Probably some will try again, as some have tried before for SPF, it's still worth dumping Bad Mail Providers for Good Mail Provider.

Berklix models its headers on FreeBSD.Org (&/or other independent internet developers).
Berklix is not coerced by large American owned Bad Mail Providers or Microsoft inspired (non!) "standards" lobbies etc:
There have been articles before criticising MS backed ideas such as SPF; Search for " SPF considered Harmful" (Here's one at random).

Berklix does not waste time unpaid, pandering to requirements of Bad Mail Provider that often have also evaded responsibility, failing to provide postmaster@ & abuse@ addresses).

Joining & Leaving Lists

  • Use: (New) Mailman
  • Do Not ask humans to do your [un]subscribe work for you for you.
    Such requests are automatically filtered & silently discarded unseen. We are all unpaid, & we waste no time on the lazy who refuse to learn the [un]subscribe robot.

Do Not Mail Your Subscription Change Requests To Event Organisers, List Owners, Or Mailman Owner !

Most mail to most lists owners & (New) Mailman & owner is still automatically silently discarded unseen!
Sorry, Unfortunate. Why it was necessary: Blame lazy clueless mean people, inc. too many GEA.
  • Even though the newer (New) Mailman is much easier to use than the older (Retired) Majordomo, the filters remain, to protect list owners & server administrators from some list members, mainly GEA who deliberately wasted our time.
  • (Retired) Majordomo worked fine until Aug. - Sept. 2016 when it was phased out for (New) Mailman
  • Numerous non- technical people learnt & used (Retired) Majordomo successfully.
  • A few people who genuinely admitted computers were not their thing, got sympathy, & were administrator's encouragement to provide more information & examples to try to help.
  • (Wouldn't be surprising if (Retired) Majordomo@berklix might have been one of the best documented instances of (Retired) Majordomo on the web.)
  • Many list specific pages under also held examples how to subscribe, un-subscribe etc. (info stripped since arrival of (New) Mailman).
  • There were also several (Retired) Majordomo specific help pages, extra info pages & links & worked examples.
  • Despite all that, some refused to read, learn, think, & try experimenting with variants for success; They falsely asserted (Retired) Majordomo did not work, when it was them being lazy, thus ignorant & failing to think. ).
  • Don't believe those who tell you (Retired) Majordomo @ Berklix did not work!
    Anecdote: One clown who demanded to waste administrator's unpaid time, also claimed he was a programmer! Assumption was he was a liar, bone idle, or professional incompetent as (Retired) Majordomo was working; & so many real programmers have learned (Retired) Majordomo worldwide after a few goes, self included; including all on some lists on ex (Retired) Majordomo driven Berklix mail lists & including other (Retired) Majordomo servers elsewhere globally.
  • (New) Mailman only needed to replace (Retired) Majordomo after server hardware failed & OS software upgrades required new application software.
  • Until then, administrator time needed to upgrade to (New) Mailman was not available for years, as time that could have been used for mutual benefit of all was persistently wasted by some list members.
  • Selfish lazy people, mostly GEA, refused to learn (Retired) Majordomo, & persistently demanded administrator waste his time to do their [un]subscribe change request work for them.
  • More time was lost creating & linking ever more detailed help, how to un-sub & sub, & how & why to send ascii, & how to look at headers etc: (Basic education for the computer illiterate) ... That many (not all) GEA people remained forever too bone idle to use.
  • Two thieves stole & replicated the main GEA list, provoking a storm of duplicate reports, confusion, & complaints.
  • Numerous people mistakenly wrote to whole lists (ins some cases, lists of 250 people), asking for personal subscription changes. That nudged some clueless people to cascade "Me too" replies to list.
  • Some malicious GEA members also encouraged an avalanche of un-subscribe requests to whole list, instead of to correct (Retired) Majordomo un-subscribe request address.
  • I don't recall any GEA list member protecting lists by a short reply on list with a "Do It Yourself - How to Is in Headers & Footers!". Though that has happily happened on other Berklix lists & other lists on other domains.
  • More admin time was lost adding filters to protect lists, list owners, & administrator from ignorant list members inappropriate subscription request noise, & personal noise from bone idle ingrates.
  • Not one member of any list (GEA or other) Ever requested the option to donate 10 Euros to a charity, to pay to waste the administrator's time for their personal benefit.
  • Mailman Owner Refuses To Waste Time For Infinitely Lazy Thus Clueless People Who Meanly & Stupidly Refuse To Learn (New) Mailman
  • Some list members perpetrated dirtier tricks to disrupt service, wasting yet more administrator time.
  • Though the vast majority of people on many lists behaved well, & lots already knew or learnt (Retired) Majordomo, some GEA people - not all - were rotten apples, wasting administrator time that could have instead gone to upgrading to everyones benefit.

Above is why:

  • Many list owners & (New) Mailman owner addresses are now protected by automatic junk discard filters.
  • Most non technical eg social & sport lists are now announcements only from listed event organisers, to protect from incompetents.
  • Some announce only lists were given supplementary -chat lists, to retain original open unmoderated scope, at risk of inappropriate traffic from incompetents, each person can make own choice whether just to join LIST-announce@ or also LIST-chat@.
  • Technical lists (except announcements lists) remain open to all members to post
  • Though this above is less open than it used to be, when every list used to open to be written by every member, it's as open as possible.

No Censors, No Moderators

  • There are no human "moderators" aka censors on any list. (The administrator loathes moderated lists & forums & is Not a moderator/censor here or elsewhere), he reads lists like you, after someone posts to lists.)
  • All lists have filters to automaticly silently discard un-allowed posts to list of form "un-subscribe me" , "change my address" etc/. sub & un-subscribe via mail or web, do it yourself properly like it tells you in headers & footers!.
  • If your post to a list fails, you were Not censored
    • But list owners will also not see your post ( as our (New) Mailman usually silently discard as spam, any mail from any address not listed as a member.
    • So You Yourself Must Check you post with a 'From:' header that matches you subscribed address that (New) Mailman sends to.
    • Don't forget the address (New) Mailman send to may be forwarded via a series of your old employers or providers.
    • Your final receiving address - & who you Think you are - is totally irrelevant ! Post only with a 'From:' address that matches the address (New) Mailman mails to you with.

White Lists

A few tips (lightly edited from a list post from
  • To make sure you receive future emails, it's a good idea to 'whitelist' our sender email addresses, eg: Sender: "LISTNAME" <LISTNAME-bounces @ mailman .berklix .org> , so that they don't get wrongly tagged as spam by mistake.
  • Here's how you can do that in some of the most popular email programs:
  • 1 In Gmail, click on the downward facing arrow next to the time of the email and add LISTNAME-bounces @ mailman . berklix . org to your contacts list. Alternatively, if one of our mails has been moved to the spam folder, you can mark it "Not Spam" to whitelist it.
  • 2 In Yahoo, look for the plus (+) sign next to LISTNAME-bounces @ mailman . berklix . org at the top of this message where it says who it is from. Click on it and select Add To Contacts.
  • 3 In Outlook, right click on this message and select Junk Email. Then select Add Sender To Safe Senders List.
  • If you use another email system, there should be a similar option either to record LISTNAME-bounces @ mailman . berklix . org as a 'safe' address or to save the address to your address book (which achieves the same thing).
For more tips see /help/majordomo/

  If your provider buys anti spam list services from Sorbs

Tell your provider: Sorbs.Net seems a commercial blackmailer selling fake spam lists. Sorbs.Net have for 5 years falsely & libellously listed a Berklix server as a spammer.

  Section imported from chilli 2021-06-05, Appropriate to all lists:

  • Berklix - Lists:
    • No need to invent yet another login name & password smiley face icon
    • No, we do Not want your profile, we are Not commercial.
    • No, we do Not harvest your email, we are Not commercial.
    • No, we don't sell your address lists. We are Not commercial. (Yes this author has been asked a few times, & refused).
    • No, we do Not try to trap you to interact on line on our web site, viewing adverts. we are Not commercial. all you need is intermittent net connectivity for email.
    • No, our web server is not slowed, burdened by scripts (or image link tricks) tracking you. we are Not commercial.
    • No, cookies either !
    • Yes this section should move to Berklix Top Page
    • No, there are No adverts on our web or mail lists. we are Not commercial.
    • announce@ lists are is only writeable by organisers.
    • Anyone willing to organise events is welcome to join as an organiser,
    • Every social event list has an organisers list, every organiser can announce unmoderated to their associated social list.
    • bg-chat@ & chill-chat@ conf-chat@ & various tech lists etc are open forum mail list to discuss social meeting venues & tech topics etc.
      • No one is a allowed to be a `moderator':
      • NO Berklix lists are censored by `moderators' (unlike other places).
      • Self discipline is mandatory:
        • Insults or deliberate provocation etc incites dispute, degrades lists, & waste time of the list administrator.
        • lists carry no ads etc to pay for wasters to waste time of list admins.
        • also have no censors aka moderators unlike commercial lists.
        • So offenders are simply thrown off lists to avoid waste of unpaid admin time.
        • so if someone steps out of line, please privately mail them this above, & warn them they degrade the list, & risk administrator chucking them off, as others have been chcucked off before, No one has any right to waste unpaid administrator time. We're not commercial!
      • No Web Chat Forum For Anonymous Pseudonyms.
    Temporary Parking @ 2020-04-30:
    • Please do not include pictures etc to Berklix lists! Just send a pointer to a web ref (URL) for pictures or other MIME enclosures.
      If there is no pre-existing URL, you have a choice of
      • Asking someone who sent it to you, where they got it from, Or
      • Spending time uploading it somewhere, Or
      • Omitting it from the your post.
      Pictures etc to lists consume space forever! Berklix archives can't afford that space!
    • Its not like when you private mail someone a picture they delete when they want. Forget irrelevance about memory being cheap, realise:
    • List data is archived for ever, (subscribers can read list archive with their password). Lists data traffic is bundled with config data for backup (that the unpaid admin. has no time or interest to seperate/ trim/ edit).
    • Monster commercial companies allow big pictures etc on lists, but they also have giant server farms in underground silos, & backdoors to NSA/ GCHQ/ BND & tracker harvester advert factories eg Google etc, & their T&Cs allow them to harvest your data & pics, & they also have lawyers to protect them from legal liability & copyright etc infringement claims for traffic they move.
    • Berklix has none of that & is Mega small & tight: All personal data the admin ever typed + backup archives of all Berklix server configs & traffic is backed up on a single USB stick on a key ring! (Which can even reinstall OS, own data, servers & mail archives all from that single self booting USB stick, to a raw PC with no initial OS Yes Really !) Berklix is mega tight packed.! No bulk to lists please, just text you type.

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