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Berklix Mail Lists are on the newer easier Mailman Server.

  Web Booking Form For Ski Trips.

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Get A Help Mail from majordomo@.

  How To [Un]Subscribe Mail Lists. via majordomo@

  • Majordomo is FREE - Learn To Use It !

    Event organisers can't do your subscription changes for you.
    List owners & robot owner's time Is Not Free & Not yours to waste!
    No one will waste their time doing your work for you
    Learn to - Do It Yourself.
  • Majordomo is QUICK
    It responds to you immediately (faster than any human possibly could) with a mail requesting you return a password it issues you ( to check some malicious person is not faking your address), after you confirm with the password, majordomo immediately does what you told it (subscribe, unsubscribe etc, (In special cases, after you confirm, it may pass your request on to be verified by list owner. ).
  • Majordomo is SIMPLE, Examples:
    subscribe    name_of_list_to_join
    unsubscribe  name_of_list_to_leave  optionally_your_old_address
  • Majordomo is RELIABLE , never fails !
  • Despite people periodically claiming Majordomo failed them, in every case investigated, it was proved the human subscriber &/or subscribers mailer software had failed. Never the mail list majordomo, which is very mature & well tested software! The majordomo owner no longer wastes time investigating such claims, as there have been, & remain, far too many lazy users intent on wasting the owner's time. All such lazy claims get dumped as spam. Don't waste your time making false lazy claims, instead Learn how to DIY = Do It Yourself
  • Majordomo is ALWAYS AVAILABLE .
  • Unlike the owners, Majordomo is never too busy, never sleeps, never falls ill, never leaves on holiday or business, never mis- spells your address, never gets impatient, never keeps you waiting, never ignores you, never questions your assertion of how dumb (or lazy) you may be, never demands { proof of money paid in advance to the Red Cross / Oxfam & or advance lubrication by numerous beers to self &/or friends } as deterrent to wasting our time with lazy manual [un]subscription requests.
  • DO Not Ask event organisers, list owners or majordomo owner to help you, they are not paid by you or anyone else to waste their time for you, do Not have permission to change your subscriptions (only _You_ have permission), most are Not interested, & some are very sick of lazy people trying to dump their own work on others.
    TINA, DIY: There Is No Alternative - Do It Yourself !

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