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I Am NOT A Free Help Desk!

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I am NOT a free help desk - I have NO Time !

  • I used to get far too many mails & phone calls, from club members of various mail lists I run, attenders of club events I organise, etc, plus strangers who'd read my web pages, etc, all distracting & consuming valuable time. Some was quite interesting, some I wanted to help, some just wated time, but it was all Unpaid, distracting, & I don't have time.
  • Do NOT ask me for help with your mail list problems !

    • If you are too incompetent to use free resources (& some are, & are nice people anyway), Please ask some other friend (Not me!) I really do Not have time !
    • I do Not have time to help so many individuals:
      • I take a major part in running several clubs, numerous mail lists, servers & support software & web help pages.
      • One list has over 300 people, some of whom are genuinely technicaly incompetent (but nice people anyway), & many who are too lazy to learn, & some not quite so nice, preferring to try to waste my time.
      • No way can I personally support all club & list members personally , & supporting just some just encouraged more complaints & requests for help from the rest, so I now don't help any (& my spam filter auto discards change requests, sight unseen). Ask (& reward) some other friend to help you eg in joining or leaving etc.

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