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USA President Bush Junior's Government Abused The World.


  • It took America two long presidential periods to vaguely realise outside the USA, the George W. Bush Junior presidency was globally extremely disliked, (& doubtless lost the USA some global co-operation in consequence).
  • Those outside USA who wanted to be on better terms with the USA, heaved a great sigh of relief when Junior left & ceased his foolishness.
  • The world happily noticed his successor, Obama, seemed a lot more intelligent, & could think then answer questions without help, unlike Junior.

Some Issues

Most presided over by Bush Junior. Some part rectified since.
  • Propaganda ? Or Correction ?
    The USA's `Pregnant Chad + Oil' president, is now (when this was written) spending extra US tax payer money for a new USA public relations department, now America is finally realising just how many non Americans have come to hold the USA government in contempt for a wide variety of issues. (Subsequent to writing the above, Newsweek published "Why Hate America?" on 9th Sept 2002 Page 56, with contributions from Oscar Arias, former president of Costa Rica & Nobel peace laureate, Chinua Achebe, Nigerian novelist, Eisuke Sakaibara professor at Tokyo University & former vice minister of Finance for international affairs; Felipe Gonzalez, former prime minister of Spain)).
  • Issues It would be better if the US government saved it's propaganda budget, & revoked its obnoxious policies eg .
    • Spam, Nearly All Spam Is (Or was started by) Americans. (Daily my domains get thousands of spams & bounces from spammer masqueraders etc, most were Americans, & very few were from the rest of the world.) A small part of that'll be because there's a lot of Americans with computers, but the main reason is because the USA Congress expressly permits Spam (? Bill S.1618 Title iii ?) Spamming is illegal in Germany, (& UK & rest of EU I think).
    • Kyoto (global warming);
    • Steel Imports (provoking trade war);
    • Not paying the UN what it owes;
    • [ Land mine policy - not sure, are they one of the last not to sign ? correct me if wrong ];
    • Refusing the World Court;
    • 20+ years of pointless computer industry encryption disruption (embargoing hardware containing supposed secret software, which software we all in fact already had) ;
    • Even more irresponsible patent granting than Europe, (inc. Neem tree & software);
    • Forcing unlabelled gene manipulated food on Europe;
    • Not breaking up the Microsoft world exploiting monopoly (another Bush inspired failure I guess, things started OK under Clinton) ;
    • Forcing USA law on an unwilling world (EG maritime law, computer export law in UK, etc, offensive decades long imperial pressure);
    • Even labelling British as `Aliens' in their own country! (on notice boards of USA run satellite telecom spy centres in Yorkshire); etc.
    • Guantanamo: The legal limbo, farce, & planned dummy secret courts by the USA military in the USA held territory at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are a farce, & an evasion of the USA constitution & international obligations, & a perversion of ancient concepts such as Habeus Corpus. Internment should be a temporary emergency measure, until due legal process takes over. The USA cheated too long, Time for the USA to firmly define USA law as applying to all Guantanamo internees, guards, & supervisors, & to implement proper legal due process. If special laws are needed for Guantanamo, then pass them, just don't cheat, & say prisoners, are outside the legal system. The un-necessarily long extra-legal farce disgraces America, is an un-necessary affront to the world, allies in particular, & should be regularised under USA law... even if it needs some new laws debated & passed, USA has had more than long enough to do that.
    • Torture eg water boarding, & sending prisoners off to to Middle East countries for more brutality.
    • International Kidnapping by CIA out of & around Europe, in contravention of European countries sovereignty, Habeus Corpus etc, ie what that Rumsfeld called "Extra- Ordinary Rendition" to hide the truth.
  • Why Co-Operate If You Can't Vote ? Americans sensibly rejected British imperialism during the war of independence. At the Boston Tea Party 28 Oct 1767, the cry was "No taxation without representation" Non-Americans now have equally no representation on the USA's many laws & policies that damage the world, so we should equally not comply with America's selfish requirements when it acts like a spoilt child on the world stage.
  • Credit where it's due:
    • Some world- aware Americans, are quite embarrassed by their government's crass behaviour. Perhaps if the USA didn't consistently degrade it's previous good name with so many idiocies, people might co-operate with it more on other issues.
    • Though Americans are the world's major spammers. Americans citizens (but not government) are in the lead in creating organisations & software to try to deal with Spam excrement, see list.
    • USA President Obama has reversed some of Bush Junior's appalling abuses. Hopefully more Bush abuses will be rectified later.
  • Wikipedia has an article on Bush Junior. It does not seem balanced: Seems written by Americans, no view from outside looking in, no mention of "Most globaly disliked US President ever", Lots of puff piece stuff lacking in negative critique, probably the page is mostly fed by scribblers to promote Bush, who has money to pay for spin if wanted. ( Wikipedia pages can be unbalanced, I know another page that's a puff piece by someone to promote his private company, perhaps not so obvious unless one knows background

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