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Faces etc On Berklix Sites Deliberately Not Updated!

This page is

  • Faces on Berklix sites are not normally updated, but sometimes labeled with year taken, sufficient to physically search a room for an organiser of a social event
  • First they were not updated because too busy.
  • Now not updated, since China floods the world with cheap webcams, (many of which route back via China on the net, & many of which have little or no security), & smart CCTV
  • Chinese government abuse facial recognition not only on it own citizens, but presumably also noting anyone else of foreign eg government interest, or scientists/ technologist they might wish to steal trade secrets from, or foreign politicians or journalists they think embarrassable or blackmailable.
  • As well as abusive governments, local or foreign, there'll be abusive criminals with 3d printers & latex face masks for bank robbers, perverts, blackmailers.
  • Do you want aggressors to have your correct data ? Corrupt it !

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Notes to later merge in elsewhere eg Index of Texts

  • Way back when the web started, there were just computer net techs & scientists
  • no predatory criminals,
  • no predatory lawyers, eg trawling web pages etc to sue authors (eg German law uniquely allows 3rd party unsolicited sue-ings & is also irresponsible in not restricting trade marks to areas of activity, (ie PC parts retailers in Schiller Str Munich, sued cos a CPU international trademark supposedly competed with a German washing powder trademark ! for more, search CT Mags re Guenter von Gravenreuth & co. extending to predation of public domain software etc).
  • No predatory companies threatening or asserting software patents , (eg BT apparently considered they owned a patent on the click function of hypertext - Shudder! (I think they backed off on that claim, decades before, the Free Unix, BSD etc world lived in fear of software patent issue of the S bit, but AT&T/ Bell labs released it to us. Way back SCO announced they would drop out of Unix development & concentrate on licensing software patents, creating more shudders
  • No spam, as no clueless public running Microsoft etc, providing bases for viruses, that harvested everyone else's contact info. (inc the contact info of even the non clueless who had never run Microsoft but still got spammed, cos they had mailed mail lists (eg inc. at Berklix) that relayed also to the clueless.
  • If my resume/cv might have had eg date of birth or similar, it hasn't for decades, as data is also harvest-able from PDF Postscript & Tiff etc, (if necessary using OCR) not just from plain text & HTML.
  • If you discover inadvertently published private info, it's better not to delete those web files containing your private data, but to deliberately corrupt your exported data & let harvester robots replace their old correct info with your corrupted/ expunged new data.
  • Never give a correct date of birth to humans or web forms etc where a false will do just as well! .
  • Be aware various projects periodically archive data forever, eg Way Back Machine of as well as search engine companies
  • Do periodic web searches of your data on line. I discovered a number of obsolete copies of my web data, no idea why they had it, & could only get rid of some not all.
  • Big government organisations eg UK Companies House have been bad, publicising year of birth of ex company directors & secretaries names & home addresses, when it was obvious some individuals were very old & might be vulnerable. There's lots of clones of UK Companies House data on entrapment sites, some way out of date, so even when/ if UK Companies House fix their master, the copied old versions will remain a hazard.
  • Lie on principle to demanding people & organisations wherever & whenever you can. Your false age & contact info. become merely your extra passwords for whichever aggressor extorted it from you.
  • Just the hassle remains, of you keeping a big list of your deliberately false data

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