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Julian H. Stacey's
Automatic Source Variant Maintenance Tools

Automatic maintenance of local variants of distribution sources:

I have many local patches, maintained applicable against generic global sources. The application process is as automatic as I can make it, Here's how:

I keep 2 copies of Src/ & Ports/ trees: Ref/ & Work/ .
Ref/ (but not Work/) is maintained by automatically applying CTM deltas received via mail & diverted by my .procmailrc

CTMs pass via /etc/aliases to: bsd/jhs/bin/local/mail/ctm-freebsd-src-cur-incoming

which also archives the deltas, so I can also manually apply them to Work/ using cut & paste from the output of: bin/ctms

When I occasionally want to start afresh, I copy Ref/ to Work/, & run ~/bin/.csh/customise

This applies my trees of patches & new files.

All of which are indexed at: here

My web directories are maintained by rdist.

Though I post diffs & new files to the source code project mail lists, not all get committed, some aren't of generic applicability; hence an ever increasing stockpile, now auto maintained, some I'll later convert to send-pr submissions, some already are send-pr submissions.

A comparison with a method based on cvs -q update -Pd

The 2 methods have some similarity & some differences: Both enable us to apply public updates to locally modified source trees,
  • Method cvs -q update -Pd stores local changes inside a 120M checked out locally modified copy of src, If one has commit privilege, one can continue with one's own tree till something is worth committing, then update freefall CVS with new bits.
  • My method stores my master copy of changes as diffs in a seperate 700K tree. As I don't have commit privilege, it's harder to get my stuff committed, so to make it easily applicable to my own tree, & available to others, I regularly rdist this diffs tree to my freefall web directory.

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