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My CV is formatted for computer project managers needing freelancers.

Not for German personnel departments (who have different criteria). !

This is

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  • Personnel departments usually want to select employees with different criteria, priorities, & timescales.
  • Freelancers aim to satisfy immediate specific technical needs of project managers
  • Freelancers & Personnel depts. can often be competitors to supply manpower to project managers.

Differences In Format inc.:

Explanations Of Why The Differences In Format

(Many German casual acquaintances long ago asserted I should conform to their norms, a mix of nationalist/ traditionalists habits, some already obsolete, some inappropriate to the international computer industry, &/or employment system of freelancers etc. For any that still haven't figured it out, here's explanations:)
  • List Skills First
    Computer project managers appreciate it: they can cut to the chase quicker : Leaf through CVs faster to find skills needed.
  • List Projects In Reverse Order
    Most pushing their advice to Not do this, were clueless, not in computer industry, & did not realise how important latest skills are, & how less important older experience is by comparison, compared with other lines of work.
  • Don't list Schools etc
    German employees traditionally list schools. & other ephemera one encounters in the preamble to forward-chronological CVs). Many who urge this are not university level, so listing schools & Abitur may make sense for them. For someone in computer industry, with multi year degree studies in computing, schools before are irrelevant.
  • No Mappe
    Some suggested the national norm of German Mappe: an obsolete national tradition that ceased to be appropriate when people got PCs & personal printers, but a national habit that hung on for 20+ years beyond, even when German companies started delaying (& failing) on the expensive (time & postage) return of expensive (time & printing) applicant purchased & assembled generic Mappe, (which sometimes were returned very late, dog eared etc). Daft advice from long ago when people had no printers, just a copy shop down the road. Always better to use own printer for updating versioned, multiple copies for unlimited multiple parallel applications.
  • No Exact Dates
    eg no exact date of birth [etc], ( A freelancer's CV is on web for easy access, but criminal identity thieves are on web too, (as too are people prepared to claim they were on your training course, with exact dates (I knew one such rogue & warned him). One might put an exact date on a printed posted/emailed copy but no real need for a freelance, & its more trouble to maintain multiple versions (though do-able automatically eg with Troff macros & Makefile variables).
  • Summary: Some Gratuitous `Advice' May Be Better Ignored
    What random non university level permanent employees in non computer industry functions, who don't work internationally, may urge as appropriate to satisfy German oriented permanent employee personnel departments for a Lebenslauf, ... may not be appropriate for a freelance who's graduated in computing, works with international groups on developments, & is recruited by technical project managers (German or foreign) to import international developments in English, merging with German or foreign extra optional local developments, & export product back to both local German speakers &/or international English etc first or 2nd language speaking customers.

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