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Links to why I don't use Microsoft
I do Not run programs based on Microsoft OS:
  • Certainly not native, un-sand boxed on My machines.
    • MS environment not trusted.
    • An MS hosted .exe or virus could reach out & access an Fdisk'd BSD partition BIOS or host inside firewall.
    • Internally built .exe from customers not wanted on My hardware; even if eg a computer security or compiler company. (Best target for a virus is such a company, as one compiler company learnt). I don't run MS, so don't need or Want to run Virus detectors.
  • If you'r desperate for me to run MS:
    • Provide your own hardware
    • Allow extra budget to cover either:
      • installing a sand boxed MS emulator, or
      • Purchasing an MS licence, + De-installing BSD from a host + Anti contamination internal net precautions. + Installing MS + De-installing MS + Re-Installing original BSD box with original data.
  • I'm a Unix specialist not a multi platform generalist
    Prices negotiated are for Unix work, not wprk using MS tools & formats etc. Such work is not sought, subject to negotiation, and a surcharge is applicable for nuisance, aversion, time lost for safeguards, & risk etc.

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