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Microsoft's MS-Word .DOC Format

NOT Available.
Not even on specific request.
Nicht Verfügbar
Auch nicht auf Spezifische Anfrage.

If you want Word format: DIY

Falls Sie trotzdem Word wollen

  • Start Word on Your computer, "Import" one of my formats, eg Ascii or HTML in your Word .Doc.
  • Lesen Sie selbst eines meiner Formate, z.B. Ascii oder HTML in ihr Word .Doc ein.
  • No, I will Not do it for you, I never use Microsoft.
  • I do not have MS-Word, nor want it.
  • Yes I have Open Office. Yes it will export to StarWriter & other formats. Won't export to MS-Word Format that I can see, will import though, sufficient.
  • Nein, Ich will es Nicht für Sie tun. Ich benutze nie Microsoft
  • Ich habe MS-Word nicht. Ich wollte es nicht.
  • Ja, ich habe Open Office
  • Try viewing PDF Format accessible via Adobe's Acrobat on MS. - Useful to Personnel/ HR/ Agents who aren't competent in Unix.
  • Probieren Sie PDF Format via Adobe's Acrobat on MS. - Attraktiv für Personnel/ Human Resources, &/or Agents die nur MS benutzen wollen.

Not a publicly defined format

Common usage by clueless Microsoft addicts does not make a format a publicly defined standard. Just a viral proprietary non standard of a moving target with version incompatibilities promoting ever more license upgrade sales for monopolist Microsoft fined by the EU court.

Nicht öffentliche definiert Format.

Nicht Ubersetzt
... (Hersteller Microsoft gestraft bei EU wegen Monopol).

Word Usage Advertises Incompetence.

Warum Sie sollten Word _Nicht_ wollen !

  • Some of the most competent Unix employers seeking good staff, automatically discard applicants who apply in MS Word format.
  • Experienced Unix Consultants are averse to advertising themselves with the taint of Microsoft's Word .Doc .
  • MS.Doc resumes are indicative of employers, agents, & applicants not specialised in Unix.
  • Using .Doc is a dis-advantage: It drags down those wanting & offering serious in depth Unix experience into a morass of those who've just done a bit of Unix along with Microsoft. Cheap rates for juniors with little Unix experience is not my market segment smiley face icon
  • Some Personnel / HR may be addicted to viral Word, but they hire for permanent positions. Resumes for contract jobs are read by more Unix (Linux, BSD etc) oriented technical departments.
  • Business Reason To Refuse Word .Doc :
  • Agents demanding Word .Doc are Not Unix recruitment specialists, else they'd know better.
  • As they're not best agents to appreciate specialist Unix skills, they can't be relied on to appreciate what they're selling, & won't sell at best hourly rate to customers who need specialist Unix skills.
  • Nicht Ubersetzt
    ... .
  • Nicht bester Vermittler, Unix skill am hoechstens zu schaetzen, kaufen & weiter zu verkaufen.
  • Purchasing/ Contract departments sometimes want Word , but they are answerable to Technical Project Leader with budgets to selects consultants.
  • I work for Technical Project Leaders (not personnel, contracts, human resources departments or agents), Project Leaders invariably appreciate quality, & publicly defined open standard formats supported by Unix, & are not enamoured of Microsoft's monopolist proprietary bloated viral formats.
If a job advertisement specifies
"Supply CV/Resume in Word format".
it advertises:
Falls einem Unix Werbung enthalt zb
"Bei Interesse senden Sie uns bitte Ihr IT-Profil (Word-Format)"
es Bedeutet:
  • Clueless agent / firm, Not specialised in Unix
  • Insults, burdens, & deters Unix professionals by inflicting viral product / format from competitor Microsoft.
  • Ahnungloser vermittler Firma, nicht in Unix spezialisiert,
  • Beleidigt, belastet, & abschrekt Unix profis mit verpflichtung zu viral Produkt/ Format
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