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*BSD eg FreeBSD etc Commercial Consultants Global Geographic Index

http:// berklix. com/ consultants/ =
http:// www. berklix. com/ ~jhs/ consultants/
by Julian Stacey

Does your company wants to purchase professional computer consultancy for BSD Unix ( EG FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD etc) at commercial rates ?

Yes ? - This page is for You !
No ? - Sorry, this page is not for you.

Instead, try self help mail lists of BSD groups, eg:
FreeBSD.Org, NetBSD.Org, OpenBSD, etc.

Consultants Indexed Globally - & Global Jobs Mail List

Everyone is listed in geographically indexed world wide, including the author.

Professional Full Time Consultants - In Europe also here: BSD-PIE

Professional Full Time Consultants - Global Index

Full & part timers are all now in one single geographic index, (as we suppose most people primarily need a local consultant, & whether that consultant is available full or part time is of secondary importance, & full timer & part timers may change status over time). Full or part time status is marked in a column of the table.

Professional Full Time Consultants means:

Available full time, (40 hours per week, primary business hours + 8 anti social hours (ie 6 day week), 48+ weeks per year). Available to concentrate 100% exclusively on customer requirements. On and off site, customisation, development, enhancements, support, maintenance, training, upgrades, hot line support, turn key systems provision etc. Perhaps with fallback associates if busy or ill or 24 hour support etc. You may want to join the BSD-PIE associates Mail List mail list .

Part Time Consultants means:

Offer a subset of the Full Timer's services listed above, might be geographically nearer, not able to offer 40 hours / week / person for 48+ weeks/year.

Other Unix Consultants working with Free Source Code Unix Systems

If there's no FreeBSD Consultant in your city, as FreeBSD NetBSD OpenBSD & Linux have similar `full sources available' cultures, & they share some code, & some consultants are on multiple *BSD & *Linux lists, here are some other links to try:

Table Data Format

  • Consultants are indexed in Geographical Order,
    • Geographic location, Not by postal address. country first, to help firms find a physically local consultant.
    • Address in complete reverse geographic order, (country first) just as a Martian would need, flying in on you for the first time from Mars to your part of Earth.
    • Any local in-country customs you may have for giving addresses in partially inverted & partially Not inverted order, (as on envelopes)are not acceptable.
    • Location of the local office within the company that supplies FreeBSD consultants , so customers can know how local/near the supplier is, (as this can affect tavel time & costs, emergency response time to arrive at customer site, availability for short notice face to face meetings etc).
    • Not the postal address on an envelope.
    • Not: the main, official. owning, parent, boss. holding, superior office, larger department, PO box, postal reception address somewhere else, that also deals with things other than solely BSD consultancy.
    • Where your FreeBSD support staff geographically live (or have their office) & travel from to work with customers.
  • Country, Region, City & Postcode, Street:

    • Duplicate entries: Consultants who have existing multiple alternate accommodation & work bases, are listed per area, to make it easier for people searching for a consultant in that area.
      (Not an invitation for consultancy firms to list all their branch offices, It's on a per person basis. If the individual named BSD consultant already has a key, desk & toothbrush installed there ? ;-)
    • Country
      • Real names normal people say, eg: America, Britain, Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, etc.
      • No sets of daft initials such as DDR (ex), SPLAJ, UK of GB & NI, UAE, USA, USSR, etc.
      • Not "politically correct" names deriving from politicians, historic aspirations, delusions, pomposity, grandiosity, verbosity & lies (eg how many countries have called themselves Democratic, Socialist or United - that were Not ?.
      • No spurious allusions to state's histories, fictions, religions, socialisms, royal allegiances (kingdom/republic of ...) & other such verbiage
      • No United States of , United Kingdom of, Federal / Democratic Republic of , Great Socialist People's ... Arab Jamahiriya
      • No acronyms deriving from such multi word names.
        • Some countries names get initials changed & reshuffled in other languages; how many know what RFA (French acronym ? --> is, & RFD ?
        • Most never knew what FRD & DDR were, but most knew West & East Germany,
        • Few know without checking if ROC is mainland China or island Taiwan.
      • No spurious words such as Arabic, Califate, Christian, Democratic, Federal, Kingdom, Republic, Socialist, United, etc.
      • Yes section needs shortening ! - Later.
    • Region
      • The Region the consultant is In.
      • Not the Region the consultant serves which might be smaller or larger.
      • Smaller than Country, & Larger than City/Town.
      • For those Americans who do not think internationally:
        "Region" can mean "State" to you. It is no mistake that the word State is deliberately Not used in the head of column. This is an International Index, not an American Index, so an American dialect "State" would be internationally misleading & inappropriate. For the rest of the world, sovereign independent nation States are Countries such as America, Britain, China, France. Whereas American states such as Pennsylvania & Washington that ceased to be independent hundreds of years back when they united to become [North] America (except Canada] are Not nation states, but regions within one country/ nation state.
      • More Examples:
        • Australia: Queensland or Northern Territory
        • Britain: Sussex or Perth-shire
        • France: Bordeaux
    • City
      • City does Not have extra comments like `prepared to travel' or `out of area too' or `+ Internet remote working' - all that is assumed if conditions & money suit. City is where consultant & customer are based [near].
      • If you'r not in or near a city, list nearest well known big town or similar.
      • [+ Optional Postcode]. Consultants might (or not) want to omit Postcode=ZIP after the City. (There's ever more identity theft via Internet, Customers will want to email or phone   Consultants for initial contact, not write a letter. Sure the codes are easily available elsewhere, but it just makes things a trifle more work for criminals.
    • Street
      • Street : Optional.
        Some Consultants may omit this, eg for security/ disturbance reason etc. Break & hyphenate long Germanic/Belgian type street names such as Schwarz- baeck-- Str & Louiza- Straat, both to make names more parse-able by eyeball, & to allow HTML browsers to adopt narrow columns, as the table is already too wide.
    • Phone Number:

      • Was Optional - But actual numbers now discouraged for Consultants
        Instead of a number, better give a web reference to Consultant's own site, for an email address or web form. Best not provide your number which would be harvested from the web by criminals in Indian call centres pretending to be Microsoft support, trying to infest any Microsoft PCs with a virus, Such cold call criminals are often encountered by this author, who is Free of Microsoft, but still suffers side effects of the world's addiction to MS. Also this author does not want the work of maintaining or deleting your phone number later.
      • If you must give a phone number, Phone Number is in full international format, starting with a +, with spaces not hyphens, so the HTML column does not grow too wide.
      • This number is the initial first enquiry office work number for new customers to phone to negotiate new contracts for consultancy services.
      • It is not the the regular support hot line number, possibly a offered to contracted customers etc.
      • It is a single phone number (there is no room in the table for more, look on the consultant's own page for more numbers).
      • It should not be an expensive or radio-interference / travelling, part time off, non answering problematic cell/mobile/handy phone number.
      • It will be a normal office number for full time Consultants , or maybe home office number for part time Consultants .
      • Perhaps equipped with an Answerphone or call forwarding to a mobile phone, or company office human telephone operator etc.
      • Fax, modem, isdn, & mobile numbers have been removed to make the table narrower, easier to view, & maintain, for those, click to the consultant's web.
      • Tip: Often if for example extension 123 does not answer, try extension 0 or 100.
    • Email Addresses
      Something click-able,
      • Either a mailto or an href to a mail form.
      • Please embed a 2nd reserve email address as a comment adjacent to main URL: If you do not & your prime URL fails, You will be silently deleted without notification.
        Consider where your URL pointer goes if your domain owner stops paying your registrar for your domain, best use a different domain for the reserve contact address.
      • If a mailto= make sure it is a valid email address with an MX record, something a link-checker will pass without error when scanning this page.
      • If an href= to a web page on your site that could be some anti spam device, eg Web entry enquiry form
        • Do Not make it a URL to some cgi-bin script you will change URL for periodically. No time to waste editing that in; Make it to some normal long term address on your site that is stable, & let the enquirer click again from your page to wherever your CGI is.
        • Also embed your email address <-- in a comment --> mangled in some way to defeat spammers if you will, but so I can get back to all Consultants later easily if I need to, without going through your web form.
    Send New Pre-Formatted Entries To Julian H. Stacey
    • Save my raw html to a file.
    • Copy my file to a new file: cp table.html table.html.orig
    • Edit new file. vi -c/Munich table.html
    • Copy a live record mine as a template/ example. (Don't use the title line, as format of that is too simple (no hrefs, etc)).
    • Edit out my old data & put yours in.
    • Ensure you comply with field descriptions & formats for phone number & address etc.
    • If you have local national characters, use the correct HTML escape sequence. (look in the source for examples of German umlauts & French accents etc).
    • Move your record up or down in the table to the correct Geographic & alpha numeric place in table.html
    • Ensure in your table.html you have introduced no HTML errors in your section (I use /usr/ports/www/ tidy ( ) to clean errors. -
    • If your new address would when alphabetically sorted move you up or down the table, ignore that, just edit your own entry, to keep the diff simple. I will move your entry up or down separately later so the table remains alphabetic.
    • Run diff -c table.html.orig table.html > table.html.diff
      ( I prefer -c because I find a context diff easier to read, & particularly useful as your patch will No be applied to a table.html but a table.lmth which is off line, similar to table.html, but excludes top & tail macro code.)
    • Inspect your patch vi table.html.diff: It should contain a single chunk with your new record from <TR> to </TR> ,
      That patch table.lmth ~/table.diff would for me report as eg
      Hunk #1 succeeded at 1200.

      If it reports eg:

      Hunk #1 succeeded at 1200.
      Hunk #2 succeeded at 1339.
      Then you have also changed someone else's entry (maybe eg to add a region name not previously included).
    • Mail me your patch, (easiest as a MIME enclosure)
    • I will apply it to my master .lmth
    • (If I make a mistake & wrongly apply your patch to the .html & not the .lmth, then the .html would be wiped next time the .lmth is edited & the Makefile (includes .lmth.html: rule in via ) generates a new .html, so if you notice, tell me, it's nothing underhand, just a mistake).
    • Do Not just mouse cut & paste off of your formatted web browser screen, else I will mail it back, telling you to format it properly in click-able HTML, (I'm happy to add you, but no time to waste editing what you should edit.)
    • Send mail in plain text format, not HTML, not Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable.
    • Periodically check your email & web contact URLs for your entry still work. Don't bother to maintain them optimal/ direct, so long as they forward OK, good enough as not in heavy use, & it saves us human time if we don't update them often.
  • Deliberately Not Included

    Hourly rates, skills available etc, deliberately Not included, It would become stale, as I will not work unpaid to frequently edit such changing info, that moves with time, market conditions, personnel available & engaged on other projects & new technology arriving.
    Click Consultant's individual Web page for more info.

  TABLE OF CONSULTANTS - Geographicly Indexed

Table is on a seperate page
  • To allow a wide layout.
  • So spell checker runs easier on this page but not on table of addresses & URLS.
  • So table could later be generated easier from a database.

Cross References to other Indexes

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