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German: Company offers consultants contact, Munich & Aachen (Germany), & Kent (England) since 1986. Some Associates German.

Computer Consultants Munich & Aachen (Germany), & Kent (England)

English: Company & some consultants British, American.
International English Support.
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BSD & Linux etc, Computer Systems Engineering, Design, Development, Internet Server Support & Rescue.

[Linux Logo] FSF Gnu Head


Especially for English & German speaking companies with English & German speaking customers &/or suppliers.

Support, Admin.

Unix & systems engineering consultants, BSD, Linux, Internet, C, X11, web, programming & admin., firewalls (passive or active ) telecom. & electronics design. Consultants inc. British, American & German. for Munich & Aachen (Germany), & Kent (England) on site & remote.
Consultants Computing, engineering & scientific. porting, customising, software tools. Real Time Industrial control, embedded, drivers. - Vector Systems Ltd, Our Consultants are independent & free to select best solutions for you: we receive no 3rd party fees, bonuses, retainers, percentages, incentives etc from systems, hardware, services, or software etc suppliers, we work just for you.
Training & Guidance for local staff. Unix, BSD, Linux & public domain tools. Hours, weeks or months. English, German or both. As well as design, maintenance, & rescue, we also offer training courses, lectures; & hands on supervision on site for local follow on staff.
Manufacturer / Supplier
Support for remote international suppliers with customers in central Europe: Native English & German speakers. Vector Systems Ltd., Since 1986. Bridging distance, languages, time zones & and mind sets. smiley face icon
24/7/365 &
Holiday Help
Remote global time zone & deadline support:
  USA & Canada: We help support your European customers before your office opens next morning.
  Mid East & Asia: We work on, after your day shift staff go home.
  Oz & NZ: We code in Northern snows, while you holiday in sunny Phuket.
Hosting: Servers, Domains, Web, Mail Lists
Server hosting Domain hosting, web & mail, virtual, & physical servers, + resilience through clustered servers, (BSD configuration & hosting). Geographically dispersed servers. More resilient to have nodes of the corporate cluster in other parts of the global Internet: Not all in one earthquake or tsunami zone, Or unexpected war zone or radioactive spill zone, or industrial dispute zone. distribution in different legal jurisdictions can be advantageous to surmount daft local laws (eg USA munitions law used to ban re-export of crypt.c a decade or two after Russia already had it. US still doesn't like EU GDPR, USA used to ban technology to South Africa, at same time Britain allowed it Politicians & their disparate obsolete national laws sometimes fail to keep up for decades.) Email List Hosting - ( For out-sourcers, Not spammers! ).
Data Recovery & Conversion Floppy, ls120, dat, qic, cd, dvd, hard disk, usb, sd, ufs (BSD Unix), fat (MS), ext2 (Linux), ntfs (MS), etc.!
Boot Media
Bootable BSD Cdroms & USB sticks with your application.
BSD Config
BSD installation for server & client systems, + office software & data conversion.
Scanjet Conversion
HP Network Scanjet conversions from NT server dependent to self sufficient with FreeBSD.
Counter Attack
Passive defences (firewalls, active filters, honey pots) merely limit & detect attacks. Active counter attack systems Deter.
MED Editor MED is an editor familiar to German CAD industry (PCS Cadmus).
Translations Embedding translations into in multi- lingual programs since '85. + common mastering of docs for multiple output formats & languages
Enquiries Specialists Munich & Aachen (Germany), Kent (England), Tucson, Finland , Johannesburg .
Project Leader: Business Card ,   Phone ,   Email Email jhs@ an enquiry now, or note Address for later.
Company: Contact ,   Associates: BSD, & Engineering & Business

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